I’m so excited you finally get to see this book. This was so much fun for me to write. Rossie was super impetuous. Her wedding to the wrong guy ends entirely in disaster to the point she’s running to the airport in her wedding dress.

And then there is Stefano. He intended to marry Chelsea as they were friends. He wasn’t in love but so what? Chelsea had every qualifications to be his bride and leave his life in peace. But she chose to marry for love, leaving him bride-less. With 2 weeks left to marry or lose his fortune, he’s desperate to hold onto his title and fortune.

Then after a chance meeting and a sudden proposal, he’s marrying a complete stranger. But can these two from completely different worlds find happily ever after? I hope you’re interested and you find the links below!!!

Forbidden Marquis

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He’s a bad boy noble with two weeks left to either marry…or lose his fortune.

Stefano Durnova, the Marchese of Normanni, has less than two weeks left to find a bride or be forced to sacrifice his title, inheritance, and lands. With the clock ticking, he’ll be pushed to resort to desperate measures, but he never expected to ask a total stranger to marry him.

Jilted bride Rossie Diaz heads to Paris with her best friend instead of her cheating groom. Following a serendipitous encounter on the Eiffel Tower, her impulsive nature results in her agreeing to a noble wedding 24 hours after her last wedding disaster.

Rossie and Stefano try to navigate their new-found roles, but fate, temptation, and the lure of everlasting love has other plans that will either bring them closer together…or send them running back to the lives they can’t return to.

Find out what happens in this modern day Jilted at the Altar meets Cinderella’s Ever After romance!

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