Friday so the work day is almost done


I know next week at the day job it’s going to be busy. It’s what happens. Yet none of that takes away from that magical feelings that Friday brings.

As children, we watched the clock extra carefully for that school bell to release us.

In our twenties, we pounced in our chairs every Friday, just waiting for the chance to go.

In our thirties, it’s much the same and I imagine this goes all the way up till retirement. (My mother has a way busier social life than I do, so I’m sure she’s putting on makeup in the afternoons preparing for some dance she’s off to in the retirement villa so perhaps this feeling of Friday last a lifetime.)

This weekend, I shared my plans already. Girl road trip. So once the sun goes up, it’s going to be great. With plans the magical feeling of Friday only increases and makes me feel lie the party is going to start. Without plans though the feeling of Friday still exists.

Part of me hopes the dream of freedom never dies. I cannot imagine the feeling of being trapped for long and I’m an author. Friday brings me freedom, hope, dreams, and the chance to let my guard down.

I hope this feeling doesn’t change once my baby is born. I hope my son or daughter also feels excited to not ‘have to do’ anything for a night or a few days. Can you imagine the drudgery of life that would exist if we didn’t get this euphoria once in a while?

So happy Friday everyone!