Game of Thrones All the Men are Gone but the Women are strong

So it occurred to my while watching Game of Thrones last night that all the men are really dead. The only men we have left that are important are Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister, Peter Baelish, and Tyrion Lannister. The other named houses are all gone and dead. The show has a lot of women still though so it’s still going and Daenerys Targaryen’s girl power is a force to be reckoned with.

Let me go through last night’s episode.

Cercei is clearly our big bad guy but she has no friends or allies other than Jamie. Personally I’m glad the whole church storyline is over and she burned it to the ground. She killed everyone who was her enemy. Her son couldn’t stomach it so he jumped out the window which shows his own weakness and Cercei is now the Queen and sitting on the Iron Throne. Without allies though she is weak. All the main characters left, minus Jamie, on the show can agree on one thing Cercei is horrible.

Speaking of Jamie though he’s a perfect segway to the Freys. The dinner between the Lannisters and the Freys was reminiscent of the Red Wedding only Jamie is not drinking. He’s not happy to be there. He has no respect for Walter Frey. This makes Jamie smart and one of the reasons I like him when he’s not with his sister. He lets his disdain for the Freys be known and ignores the girl with no name checking him out (good thing for him too.) Then he leaves. Walter Frey clearly wanted the girl with no name until she served him meat pie and told him that his sons were with him. The fan girl in me held her breath as the girl took off her mask and revealed she’s Arya Stark. Then she sought revenge for her family and the massacre at the Red Wedding when she killed Walter Frey. One can only hope she unlocked Edmure Tully’s prison cell, but more important Arya needs to get home. She’s so close to Winterfell and she’s checking names off the list. Yeah!!!

Onto Winterfell, if Sansa listens to Peter Baelish who put the idea that she should be in charge of the Stark family and not her bastard brother then I’m done with Sansa. She was always like her mother and her mother was not a Jon fan. Sansa has a choice to make. Trust in family or let jealousy ruin her. The gauntlet was set up for her and if she’s stupid enough to be jealous then she deserves a horrible fate.

Part of me is hoping this was just set up for Jon to find out from Bran on who his mother is and Peter’s machinations will blow up in his face. I will get back to Peter in a moment.

Now let’s go to Jon Snow. Jon seemed genuinely surprised that all the houses started calling him the King of the North and declaring allegiance to him, the White Wolf. I love Lady Mormont who gives the speech to all the old men that the Starks are the true kings. She’s awesome. If Bran didn’t already have a girlfriend, I’d be nominating this girl to be a Stark. She’s strong and awesome. Anyhow Jon is now King of the North despite his last name being Snow. He’ll be even more a threat if R+L=J becomes known and the last name Snow becomes Targaryen. He’d be the true heir to the Iron Throne that everyone else is fighting for. Jon’s big plan with being King of the North right now is more defense. Winter is coming and so are the White Walkers. So let’s prepare for that fight. He’s not army building to head to King’s Landing.

Peter Baelish is next on my list. He’s a creepy old guy who replaced his crush on the mother with a crush on the daughter. Helping the Starks is politically motivated for him. Cercei is crazy. He wasn’t approached by team Daenerys. Can someone let Jon and Sansa know that Peter is the one who betrayed Ned and had him arrested? Please? I want to see that alliance go down especially with his creepy dream to rule with Sansa at his side.

Bran was one of the most interesting parts of the North stories. His uncle Benjin had to drop him off and leave the cripple boy horseless, but near a tree. Bran takes the opportunity to go back in time and follow his father into the Tower of Joy. We saw Leanna bloody and dying as she told her brother ‘His name is’ and handed him off the baby boy. This is the fangirl in me but I hope Bran figures out that Jon Snow is that baby Ned was given. It would mean Jon is his cousin and not his brother, but that’s still family. Bran must realize that Robert Baratheon wanted to kill all Targaryens and he’d have killed baby Jon. It’s why Ned lied. Ned protected his sister’s child from his best friend’s quest for the throne and raised Jon in Winterfell as the bastard. I so want Jon to find out his true heritage.

Before leaving the North let’s quickly talk about Davos and Melissandra. I love that Jon sent her away. It means she can’t revive him. He’s accepted his mortality and held onto his nobility. Killing Shireen was needless. I liked hearing Melissandra say she was wrong, but Jon isn’t Stannis. He cares about doing the right thing and his honor.

Finally let’s move on from the North and head to the South of Westeros, Dorne. I loved seeing the Queen of Thorns tell off the sand snake girls as pointless. Dorne and House Tyrell are now team Daenerys thanks to the Master of Whispers, Varys.

Now onto Tyrion and Daenerys. Tyrion was named Hand of the Queen. How cool! He’s been doing an awesome job. He knows King’s Landing and his sister Cercei better than anyone. Even Tyrion believes in Daenerys Stormborne.

Daenerys breaks off her love affair with Daario. She finds that she’s not in love with the guy and felt nothing. He loved her though. Now she’s off on her ships, with her dragons, the unsullied and the Dothraki and sailing to King’s Landing. The scene on the ship with her staring off as Tyrion and the others stood behind her was gorgeously done. As Tyrion said ‘she’s in the grand game now.’

Personally I hope all of this is ultimately set up for Daenerys and Jon Snow to meet and rule together. It’s the Song of Fire and Ice. She’s the Fire. He’s the Ice. Their union would bring about peace. These are the two with armies and loyal figures behind them. Sure Jon still has Peter Baelish in his house, but that can’t last. Peter has grand designs.

Now lastly I have to say the lack of men and the spirit of the women drive the show for now, but I guess this was bound to happen on Game of Thrones. The men are all dying and we have very few Lords left.

I can’t wait for Season Seven!!!!