Game of Thrones Arya is coming home

Game of Thrones

I’m so excited with the last line of Season 6 Episode 8. The girl is Arya Stark. My Starks have a chance of finding each other again. So far the only ones we have together are Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. Now Jon wasn’t featured but I’m waiting for the day we find out he’s half Stark and half Targaryan. I’m a huge believer in R+L=J, but either way Jon looks like a Stark, acts like a Stark and finding out his blood line won’t matter for loyalty. The House of Stark breeds nobility.

It was what Arya couldn’t do and why she’s leaving the Many Faced God. She couldn’t kill innocent people for no reason. She still has her honor and noble spirit. Now she needs her family.

Last night’s mention that Sansa is just like her mother reminds us gently that she’s more Tully, who might believe in family, duty, and honor, but they are not fighters. It’s why they are an old and noble house, but not a fixed sign. The Tully’s will find their way in the world order, but they are not the Starks. The Stark is represented by wolves for a reason and their house reminds us that dangerous times are coming for us all, but they also have the spirit of the wolf inside them. They truly are loyal to those they love and this loyalty and nobility was Ned, the father, weakness that his enemies exploited.

So let’s talk about the enemies for a second. Cercei Lannister was the one who had Ned arrested and then her psycho son killed the prisoner. Arya saw it all first hand. So did Sansa. Now Cercei is brought down by religious fanatics, at least for now. Cercei is still not broken enough though, even if her own son betrayed her. I hope there is a secret plot to take out the High Sparrow that no one told Cercei about. I don’t want her end to be from religious fanatics. I want Arya to be the one to take her out, and I want to see Cercei fully broken first.

Speaking of Cercei, let’s segway to her imp of a brother who I adore, Tyrion Lannister. He’s lost his best friend and while the drinking scene was cute, it was sad to see Tyrion so lonely. His plan and the slavers started a war, but the Targaryan dragon will take care of the wood ships. He was lucky, but I want to see Tyrion head back to Westeros. In fact I hope he’s the third Targaryan, though between Jon and Daenerys, Jon is the hero and I would hope Tyrion would back the noble and good side. I love the dragon queen but when she talks about burning down all the Houses of Westeros, this includes House Stark and I’m too much of a loyal viewer for that to be my goal.

I already spoke about how I’d save Daenerys and hook her up with Jon. They both deserve love after all they have endured.

In other news I like the Hound is back and in action. Brienne is still too much the want to be the best knight in the world, though I like her relationship with Jamie Lannister. And Edmure Tully is so weak and broken right now that he made a deal with Jamie… I don’t see that ending well. Last I hope Varys little birds he is sending to Westeros to find friends also leads them to joining Jon.

Next week I cannot WAIT to see what happens with Ramsey versus Jon. I can’t decide how I want to see Ramsey die, but I do hope it’s good.

I’ll be back with my thoughts for next week’s episode and then the last episode (I’m already sad the season is almost over.)
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