Game of Thrones Jon Snow fan girl


I’m a huge GoT fan girl. Everyone who reads this blog must assume that I was all geared up all day for #BattleoftheBastards or what people online were saying #Snowbowl2016.

So let’s talk about the episode. It started off with Daeyerys. Her battle with Slaver’s Bay signals to be over and honestly she’s super powerful. There is no one in the Seven Kingdoms that can stop her quest. The scene with the dragons burning the ships… epic and awesome.

And I love Tyrion. I love how he reminded Stormborn that her father was the mad king and that his plan was to burn King’s Landing. She does go off the deep end with her tear every house down rants, and that’s the scary part. When she says those things, I worry over the Starks and most specifically Jon.

Now onto the episode. Sansa’s warnings that she knows Ramsey came off as kind of smug. She ignores how her brother has experience and she came through clutch in the end. So yeah, I don’t always feel sorry for Sansa and she absolutely deserved to do what she did to Ramsey (which we will get to later.) Anyhow Sansa’s warnings that Ramsey will kill Ricken and set a trap were right on.

Jon Snow is many things but he loves his family and he’s noble to a core. Ramsey played one of his games, killed the youngest Stark and set a trap for Jon. Jon fell right into it.

The battle was brutal and realistic. At any moment, it seemed something might happen, but it also played up how Jon is secretly blessed. Seriously he just missed getting shot and killed how many times in the episode?

The pile of bodies and the carnage grew and the Boltons clearly read the Roman/Carthage bloodbath in ancient history and really set that scene for us.

Sansa riding in with Peter Baelish sets up her story, but  despite the odds, Jon Snow makes it through the soldiers and it pretty much becomes a run for Winterfell.

Ramsey Bolton runs and thinks he’s safe in the Stark home. Jon and his friends take the castle and his home in a last ditch fight, and I was okay with Jon just beating the life out of Ramsey, until Sansa walked in.

Jon stopped and gave his sister the honors. Once again despite everything Jon’s noble spirit and humanity pull through. He sets about burying his brother Ricken, claiming his home, and placing the Stark banners on Winterfell. He’ll nurse the injured. He’ll ensure they get a new gate.

And Sansa sticking the dogs on Ramsey was great. He deserved to be eaten by those dogs that he hunted and killed others with. Ramsey killing his one day old brother with the dogs replayed in my mind as Sansa let the dogs have at Ramsey.

I keep hoping when the banner men of the Starks all start coming to apologize and pledge their loyalty that Ned’s friend at the Tower of Joy shows up. It would be awesome for him to ask why he still calls himself a Snow when he is in fact the legitimate Targaryen and true heir to the Iron Throne. (I know fan girl wishing again for season 7.)

Anyhow great episode and I’m looking forward to the Winds of Winter next episode. Cercei is too low right now and my gut instinct is that she’s going to do something where she’s back in power again.