Gearing up for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


I hope everyone is well. Gearing up for Thanksgiving and fingers crossed I don’t mess up my one dish I must bring to the family dinner… mashed potatoes. Considering I burned my finger and it hasn’t healed from boiling water for my pasta a few weeks ago… this might be dangerous. Or the mashed potatoes might turn out into the best thing I have ever done. We shall see what happens, but everyone send good thoughts my way! Cooking and I have never been the best of friends.

If you have a chance please go and vote for Kindle Scout… I fell off the hot list today. I’m worried, so if you can share with your friends online and vote yourself, that would be awesome.

Now I’m off to edit Mything the Throne. I have 10 days to turn this in and 3 more chapters to rewrite. Then I want to go and update them to really make the scenes hit home emotionally. With luck, I can get this all done, but taking Thanksgiving off is important for my mental health and because I love my family.

Talk to y’all soon.