My life has been crazy, crazy, crazy. I don’t often talk about my family BUT we were in the middle of a cross country move to Baltimore when the better opportunity for my husband came but we needed to go to Pittsburgh. Last minute! So I had to call moving companies that were set to take our stuff to Baltimore and switch it. But I didn’t have an address. And we had to be out of our place in 3 weeks. I was still breastfeeding our one year old who just turned one. Needless to say life became CRAZY. I intended to write, I had a conference I already paid for in July and I suddenly had no idea where we were going, except we were going.

Shopping online for a place to live took strange turns in Pittsburgh. Luxury apartments weren’t in good school areas. We don’t want to live in some place where they don’t take care of the place and there was no time to fly in and out. So we glanced at houses to buy and zeroed in on one. If it didn’t work out and for a week it seemed like a ‘no’ we were waitlisted on the best apartments we could find online that might have openings. Deadlines were looming. And we were getting close to losing our minds. Then the house we liked became a yes so we jumped… without looking at it except through FaceTime. So we took a leap of faith everything works out in the end and packed the children to head to Pittsburgh for 3 day road trip as we thought he needed to do some things that might take a few days, but his return to Pittsburgh took us half a day and we were done. So we had a choice… keep toddler and one year old in a hotel for a month or head to Florida. So we hoped into the car again and drove for 2 more days. The toddler was NOT happy that fourth day of driving. I get it. We were wiped.

Yeah Florida, my parents… it was great until my mom broke her arm a week later from falling at Walmart. She went from vibrant working grandma to almost another child. We had to change her, feed her and handle the house there too for a while. Vacation… ha, ha, ha. Okay well I snuck one in when I went to my work conference if that counts as I had a peaceful night of sleep for a few days and hung out with awesome friends! But then it was back for moving again. This time the toddler didn’t want to leave her grandma and the baby became attached to her grandpa… so getting them to leave Florida was tough.

And when we finally moved to Pittsburgh… it was moving, cleaning, signing papers… oh my. I was behind schedule. I was worried! But I swear every book I write becomes a test almost… can I do it again? And today… victory declared. I finished another book. My October book is on schedule still. YEAH. It needs a read through but I wrote the words… the end. I passed the test! My Forbidden Noble with Astorre and Clara, finished. And this one was emotional and made me cry with these two poor souls. I can’t wait to get this to the editor and out as a preorder. I hope you enjoy it! I now have a weekend to decide to work on next. I always keep options open.

And my yearly work of love this year which was not a series but I just wanted to write it because I miss single title stuff… you can preorder Borrowing the Doctor. Editing that when I was in the middle of that mess above just proves I saved the work of love for the right time.

Tomorrow I’m venturing off to meet some Pittsburgh Romance Writers. I hope they’re cool!  Anyhow that’s my life these days. But the good news… no pregnant so life can calm down in a normal fashion now.