Getting Ready for Christmas


With only two days to Christmas, it’s a lot of last minute questions. This is probably my last year where I can ever be last minute. Next year I’m totally becoming my sister and starting shopping for next year as soon as possible. 2016 is going to be great, but the most important thing about Christmas 2015 is that I get to see most of my family. We’re going to see Star Wars en masse, so it’s going to be great. I appreciate all the non spoilers and people respecting that. I’ve avoided all clicking. I want to be surprised. Now this might sound like a strange Christmas, my family has always gone to the movies on Christmas. A few years ago we watched a bunch of poor people all sing to their own deaths. We’ve seen boy wizards. We’ve seen horrible cartoons that need never be mentioned as well as some amazing Disney movies through the years. This year it’s going backwards to Star Wars. I grew up on the movies. On the playground I made up Star Wars stories where I was Princess Leia. So heck yes, Star Wars in two days.

Then there are also the presents. I’m so excited to see my family. The last time I saw my brother and one sister was Thanksgiving. We’ve texted, but this is seeing each other again.

So I hope your family is planning a great get together and that you cherish every moment. As adults it’s always harder.