Giving Back and Mything You

Yet another self promotion. Wow. First I want to point out that I’ll be hosting friends and other writers on this blog in the coming month. The best way I know how to give back is to help promote others. I’d not be where I am, if not for A: My own self confidence growth and B: others sharing tips on what to do. Giving back will be fun.

I’d also like to shout out to Brittiany Koren, covers by Ramona and Elaina from For the Muse Design for all their help.

And I’m so excited about the upcoming New Orleans trip to Writers for New Orleans.

Mything You is a fun read with a hot new cover.

ImageOr the hot single pic


Basically this is a thank you for helping along the way and I can’t wait to give back in some way.

Yes this is a short update today, but I’m in the middle of my rocking blog tour.

Hope everyone is having a good December and hopefully the holidays are going to be fun! I’m in awe of all the excitement of 2012.

Plus I must plan my end of the world didn’t happen plans.