Giving Tuesday means acting with your heart


Giving with your heart is the best thing anyone can do. I write romance because I prefer to read a story in my spare time that offers a happy-ever-after. It’s not doom and gloom. I went to a mystery writers conference this year and I learned a lot about myself. I don’t want to write about the worst things that can happen. I want to read and write where at the end of the day love and kindness win. I know this is not Hollywood these days, but it’s what’s in my heart. When I see people are suffering I want them to overcome that and be happy. If I can do anything to help, then that’s what I should do. So today’s post was inspired in part when I saw an ad in my email from the law school that I attended asking for money. The cynical laugh inside me that if they truly believed in giving, then I wouldn’t have that law loan that does not get forgiven with public service. So no, they won’t get my money. I also de-friended people on Facebook in the past few weeks who live in fear mongering to the point where they don’t share. It’s not who I am. I hope to surround myself with people who truly listen to their heart. I don’t speak about God much as I don’t write inspirational, but love, kindness, forgiveness, and the best part of our hearts come from the spark of divinity within us. There is my favorite native american story about the two wolves inside us where one wolf is negative and the other wold inside us where the wolf is good. The grandfather then tells the grandson that the wolf you feed is the one that wins inside you. Personally I believe that, so it’s time to feed the good part inside today. So let’s all try to do something, even one little thing, that’s kind and truly giving on this Tuesday. I’m totally into that!