Going to my Brother’s Send off Party for a Destination Wedding

Send off Party

I never heard of a send off party until my mother had to start planning one. It’s like an engagement party for a couple off on a destination wedding. My mother decided that since this is the closest thing to a wedding my brother was going to have locally, she’s throwing it like a low key reception.

At 30 weeks pregnant, I’m not flying off to a wedding anywhere. I have to stay local at this point. My father is medically unable to fly as well, so just a handful of Pinder’s are going to the actual wedding.

Tonight is about celebrating my brother and his bride.

My husband who is studying for his big test that’s also right around the time of our baby’s birth. (Cause those national tests that they give only once a year is of course the week our baby is due.) So he’s been studying all day. I told him to go get dressed as we dance tonight, he asked, ‘are you sure they dance at a send off party?’

I answered affirmatively, of course. My mom will want to dance.

The truth is though I don’t know the pomp and ceremony of a send off party. This sounds like a modern way to throw a party.

Other people’s families might just all stand around. I have no idea.

Either way tonight my mother and my brother’s friends all gather to celebrate. We’re getting dressed right now and excited.

If you know more about send off party rituals, let me know. I love learning new things.

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