GoodReads Contest

I go to Good Reads often ordinarily. I do love going on there and seeing all the recommendations on books. And I have lurked for a long time. Then publishing, I hosted now two giveaways on their site. Amazing good people on there.

March 7th, I lost the ability to type due to the blunt trauma¬†documented on this board. I’m getting back to normal, and I decided to focus on helping other authors volunteering at Savvy Authors. I have alot of blogs coming up announcing how I spent my time.

But not writing hurt my soul. I’m unhappy when I’m not writing. Yesterday was a great day because I was home, without worries and editted 100 pages of a novel. Woot. Woot. Today I meet with writer friends to write, critique, talk, write some more. So everything is getting back into normal mode for me. I even clicked on goodreads. I’m signed up to get emails when contests were complete, but I received no email. Sucking in my breath, I realized today is even better. I have two official winners. Books are in the mail at 8:30 AM this morning coming from Miami. (Well the postal stamp will read Hialeah, but hey that sounds in a way cooler.)

Anyhow congrats

K.D. Hume and Jamie Lange

Plus because of how awesome one poster was on there while I was out of it, I’m going to try to send a copy to someone in India. Hopefully the costs aren’t too much, but Kalpit asked so nicely. So fingers crossed today that this isn’t going to cost a fortune to send it to her for free. I don’t normally go out of my way like that, but once in a while sweet is sweet. So fingers crossed this isn’t an astronomical price prohibited goal. It’s only a book. And I’ve sold novels to publishers, and need to share the joy to others.