Growing up on Nora Roberts, Star Wars and Comic Books

In a former version of me I always had two varied entertainment interests. One was how much of a huge romance reader I always was. One day this teenage girl walked into Annie‘s Bookstore, which is all romance novels in the Boston area… I was taken to a whole new world. So many books. When I walked into my first RWA Nationals later, and the first person I met at the bar was Vicki Lewis Thompson… talk about a fan girl moment. She asked me what I write and I had no answer. Her advice was ‘there are many people here who haven’t even written a novel yet, so keep going.’  Yeah… now that my contemporary Romance is almost out, Two Weeks in Miami, I’m getting excited, despite the trifling cold, keeping me home.

Two Weeks in Miami

The other part of me was a huge Star Wars and Star Trek and X-Men fan. I’ve been to conventions. I helped organize an event for Star Trek. And for Halloween, my go to costume has always been Leia. Plus New England Comics beckoned me every Wednesday with a continuing saga. How more girls were not in that store, I don’t know.

So when I write, these two different varied people co-exist inside me. I’ve made more money with the unreleased contemporary romance already, and I’m working on the third installment of that series now. But the other space girl who watches Ancient Aliens and has a crush on the guy with the hair, Giorgio Tsoulakos, still wants to write too. (George would be interesting at the kitchen table, and that counts for so much.) So I wrote two manuscripts now in this vein and hope t o sell them. But I can’t leave the contemporary world either.

Has anyone ever told you to pick who you want to be and stick to the one genre? It’s not easy for me.

(Please forgive any strange sayings in this post… I have a fever for the past few days now, though I’m hoping I feel better right now.)