I’m so excited for our boxed set Happily Ever Alpha is finally here. In 2016 I had a goal to be in a boxed set as so many people I know and love found success from that starting point. For a nanosecond, I was like I want in on this party and felt sad no one invited me into the game. Then I shrugged that negative thought off and said ‘time to make my own luck.’ So I talked extensively, understood what I could from those who had success and then went out to find likeminded authors who wanted the same thing. It started with 5 of us Kindle Scout Winners. Then we expanded outwards from there to find those with experience and knowledge. Last we then found other traditionally published authors or successful indies to round out the group to 20.

The goal was simple. We all wanted to make a name for ourselves and possibly hit a list. We were off to a running start, then pushed the dates back to really ensure we marketed this set properly and as of Monday we are off and running.

And for the readers, you, we set out to offer a collection of hot Billionaires who are sure to sweep the reader off her feet and into a whole new world where ANYTHING is possible. With different authors and different voices, we were out to make a splash. So now the chance of a lifetime to find your billionaire book boyfriend is here and you can get your copy now.

With 89 reviews and counting, the set seems to be a major hit.

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