Happy, Best News Ever


So as I shared last week, I never thought having a baby was going to be in my life.

I changed my mind the day I met my husband and decided the single life wasn’t for me. Married would be great.

We took our time and had a great time as a married couple, but now through fate or whatever you want to say, we’re having a baby.

Boy or girl truly doesn’t matter. What matters is that the baby is healthy.

And we’re so thrilled. The first trimester was hard not to share as I was so tired and exhausted, all the time. At least I wasn’t sick, so there is a blessing.

We have had numerous ultrasounds and so far everything is amazing.

So this blog of mine will turn into a bit of a mommy to be blog for a while. Not every post, but it’s the life changing event of my life.I already have stories to share about those alien places called baby stores.

Right now though, we’re combing through baby books, deciding on a name, waiting for gender, and so much. We have to change everything, but it’s going to be great.

Any advice for the woman who never thought she’d be pregnant is great.

Hugs and it’s so exciting to share this news today, on my birthday.