Happy Easter


Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

I personally appreciate that Easter is not as commercialized as Christmas. The true spirit of the day can shine through. The message I always get is to be try and be a good person.

Sometimes the ego gets in the way of true goodness. It’s not that I ever intend to be evil or unkind. Easter reminds me that the point of life is to find your place in it and do the best you can for others.

Can you tell my New England upbringing?

Growing up I spent 10 out of 12 years in Catholic school. The last two years were in a public school. This background, while it was sometimes hard on the knees from all that kneeling, made me appreciate my family, my surroundings and that there is always a door open for me.

Easter brings back the point of redemption and forgiving not just others, but most importantly myself.

Anyhow I hope you have an amazing day. I plan to take my father to go see Batman v. Superman. He’s super excited to finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen. He has the old serials. He watched the old tv show. So for him the promise of a Wonder Woman movie is a long wait. While I’ve always been more of a Marvel girl myself, I will happily indulge in the DC universe for a few hours today. I’m sure I’m not the only person in America out to see the movie. So perhaps we’ll see you there.