Happy Friday and woot woot not stuck like glue

Has anyone’s last month been just harder than unnecessary besides mine? Okay at work we do call April Hell Month and no I’m not a tax anything. And from living in Miami, I know my Jewish Holidays. It’s the Counting of the Omer at this time where its the 40 days of challenging times to prepare the human spirit for whatever gifts we are about to receive.

But I went to Catholic school. Sister Ann Mary, my first and second grade teacher never mentioned any of that to me.  The optimistic likes the idea that the future is better than today and we can obtain it.  Anyhow I don’t talk about religion and don’t mean to now. But for 2013, good things happened, like incorporating, selling Chaperoning Paris to Soul Mate Publishing, getting requests on Mything the Throne. But the weight of the month has pushed me down. I don’t want a car bill. Am I making more promises than I can keep to myself? And why isn’t my new novel done yet? Ughh. Plus their is the work stress of preparing students who are tested out for a test.

Yet I have to say the whole weight thing on the shoulder hit the hardest on Wednesday. Seriously didn’t want to get up and anyone whose ever been a roommate of mine will be shocked. I am an early riser and can never sleep beyond my time. I wake up with boundless energy. Again this goes back to optimistic nature. Can’t help who I am, but Wednesday was the hardest. Thursday a pep in my steps reemerged and now it’s Friday.

I hope everyone reading this has an awesome weekend! We deserve it. I have plans to go to the Florida Romance Writers meeting then go off to wish mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Plus I need to get words on my white screen. And hopefully have time to see friends. Busy but exciting weekend for me and I hope you’re fulfilled with whatever you are up too.

Weekend is here and now it’s time to dance on the heels for a second to celebrate.