Happy Friday

I woke up with the knowledge that at work today we will be super busy and that Stormy Peril was not on the hot list. This weeekend is going to be super packed with lots of people. I get to go to my critique group where they can help me with the beginning of Mything The Throne… I want to ensure people enjoy the rewrite. Then Friday morning is the Florida Romance Writers Monthly meeting. If anyone is on Periscope, I’ll be broadcasting there live for a few minute. I want to surprise authors I know and ask them about their books. We’ll see if they are prepared live on video at 9 AM. I’m Victoria Pinder on there. Then after the meeting, my husband I must go to IKEA to return something, then its’ off to Mom and Dad’s house where I will see my brother and one sister. I’ve not seen my siblings since June? and that’s question marked for a reason. As an adult we don’t seem to make time for siblings and it’s kind of sad. Then Sunday we’re hosting a dinner party for my husband’s family to check out the new digs near the beach. So basically it’s a nonstop weekend, but it’s going to be good to see people. I just need the energy and to not get caught off guard.

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