Happy Holidays Florida Romance Writers, Wedding Update and Book news

I’ll start with the book news. I’m getting excited. Just a few more weeks until The Zoastra Affair releases. I’m EXCITED! I post pics like this all the time on my facebook page and I hope friends and family don’t think it’s spam.

I dream big. Can’t help that.

Now today is the Florida Romance Writers Holiday party. I can’t wait to see some of my favorite writers both published and unpublished. It’s festive and that’s what matters. It’s a green dress this year that honestly everyone compliments me on, but it’s not my normal style. And hair is to be done shortly. It’s nice to celebrate the end of the year with mostly women who are like me and in the whole writing world. All the stress of the week goes away. The holidays start soon. And I do have to admit that I’m chaperoning a trip to Disney December 20th, then the vacation begins, and holidays start. This year I’m getting a tree. I’ve skipped as a single girl for years because mom had Christmas at her house. What was the point?

This made me think, does my life change include becoming a Christmas card sender? Last weekend we stuffed the invitations and addressed them for the wedding. And I thought, I ought be to sending these people more stuff. My sister became a card sender post her wedding and children… does this mean I’m growing up to be a holiday card sender? Hmm. It might be. But don’t worry too much about growing up. I’m at work on the sequel to the Zoastra Affair now. In my head, it’s ALWAYS been a trilogy. I’m no George Lucas, George RR Martine or JK Rowling who I all LOVE dearly. But Star Wars (and Star Trek) were both so inspiring as a young girl. I’ve already introduced my favorite guy to Star Wars. He had never seen the movies, and YEAH, he enjoyed the series. After the Empire Strikes Back, he immediately asked for two days, let’s watch the next one. So it wasn’t a lie. (I held off because I am a girl and Once Upon A Time is on Sunday nights. I’m into this season and the whole ‘Save Henry’ stuff.)

Party starts at eleven. I must put makeup on, ensure everything fits right, and oh yeah write a little bit on the novels.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays. 2014 is going to be amazing, but let’s just be happy and in the moment right now. We deserve the love and laughter of the season.