Happy Mother’s Day


It’s funny to think that next mother’s day I’ll have a baby in my hands. She’ll be here for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and pretty much for the rest of my life.

Normally when I think Mother’s Day, I’m thinking

1: Buy Flowers.

2: Visit my mother.

In fact this is my plan for this year. The difference this time is that I’m second trimester at this point and the baby is obvious in my stomach.

This also has me thinking about Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush as both my main characters have horrible mothers. Now the women are completely different but they have a major control issue. Where did this story idea come from? Great question because it’s certainly not my mother. I told my mother I was flying across the world, she’d tell me to pack clean underwear for the trip.

She’d worry about me everyday, but she’d not go out of her way to stop me. I appreciate that about my mom. She’s pretty awesome when you can catch her. (Unlike this writer, my mother has a much fuller life than me. I’m sure she’s making party plans for herself.)

When I am a mom though, it’s time I change. I have to be a good example for my daughter to emulate. I’ve been thinking a lot about the habits of mine that I don’t want to model to anyone else. For instance when I’m upset, I go deep inside myself and go to a dark place. Now this isn’t often! I’m usually bouncing and happy, but I have a dark side that rears its head. So I’ll keep that part of myself for the writing so I can enjoy my baby girl and she can see that her mom is cool. It’s time to be like my mom.

Guess that means it’s the cycle that continues and that’s truly not a bad thing.

So to all the mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!!!