Happy New Year

So I was looking over my releases of 2017 and my goals of 2018.

In 2017 I had 11 new releases.

In 2018 there will at least be 12, though I’m aiming for slightly more. (However birth might keep me at 12.)

In 2017 I continued a series I started LONG ago and finally wrote the rest of the friends, in Favorite Coffee series. I introduced a two new series, my Princes of Avce and the Hawke Family Fortune. Plus I continued with my Morgans. It was a good year for me and I hope you enjoyed all these novels.

I also released two books that were not contemporary romance but the stories hit me and I wanted to pen them.

In 2018 I intend to continue contemporary romances. How can I not? I get to finish my Princes of Avce series (though a Christmas novella is popping in my head as I finish off the draft of the last book. I even know the character. I’d just have to figure out how they’d met if I do.) Then I’ll be releasing the rest of the Hawke Family! I have more MORGANS! I want to continue my ‘Frosted Game of Hearts’ as writing gothic contemporary romances really hit home. I want to introduce a NEW series. And I want to at least continue my alternate world ones because my King Arthur Tale and my Dragon Shifters are NOT nearly done.

What might hold me back? Life. For one pregnancy and when I’m do. For two, my daughter whose now a toddler. For three, my husband, and the rest of my family. And then there is four which we don’t need to talk about too much, money. (Don’t we all have that worry.) Luckily I’m writing ahead of schedule so if life throws a curve ball, which it will, I can stay on track as best I can.

And since New Years is ALL About resolutions, I absolutely intend to stick to the publishing plans listed above.

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