Happy PreThanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I love looking at the fall pictures I’m adding to my site. The truth is I didn’t go swimming yesterday because I came home too late. The heated pool and the 70 degree weather of Miami will have to wait for today. So I’m off to work at the day job, where there will be no students. I’ll be grading papers (once I get coffee. If I don’t have the coffee in me, I’m in a horrible mood and that’s never good.) My eyes are red today from the glaucoma test of the doctor’s office. I don’t know why the drops make my eye seem bloodshot, like I had too much to drink. (No alcohol for me last night so it was just the drops.) It will fade. And the trip to Publix is done. Last night my husband and I had an impromptu sushi date in between the doctor and the food shopping. This made the store less busy and more tolerable. So yeah and I had my favorite sushi so life was good. I’m getting in the mood to be thankful now. There is so much good in the world. I know we see so much bad things on the news these days, but life is still more good than bad if we don’t tune into that nonsense. We’re going home to see people we love and grew up with in America. Even if it all goes wrong, the fact that people come together is what truly matters. I hope everyone is having an amazing day.