Happy Small Business Saturday

Small business Saturday

Do liquor stores count as small businesses? I have to buy a gift for a host tonight that’s throwing a ‘let’s get together and write’ party. I know that sounds like most people’s nightmare party, but it’s cool. There will be a bunch of us, with laptops, typing away at a friend’s house. Tonight is about getting the creative juices flowing and encouraging each other. Perhaps the wine offer will ruin the plan or it will make it better. Last time I did try to convince an inspirational author that she needed to write a story about a preacher/former assassin who the heroine thought was her male prostitute wedding date she had hired. So perhaps it’s just an excuse to get together and be silly. I might stop and buy a fruit plate then. Now avoiding a large business and heading to a small business will be fun. I do think the big corporate giants do have too much already and I am a prime member of Amazon for the shipping discount. So I’m guilty as anyone for supporting the big guys, but my heart says the small business is the heart of this country. If I find one instead of a corporate giant to visit today, I’m in….

Do any of y’all have plans for today? I’m writing in the morning. Writing party in the evening. So I guess I can call this ‘I entertain myself’ Saturday.

Hope you have a great day no matter what happens.

Victoria Pinder