So I failed in my intention to surprise authors on periscope yesterday. I was so tired and I had so much to do. I will try again next month or even at the Miami Book fair, if they have wifi. I make no promises as then if I failed, I can’t feel bad. Other than that yesterday was good (but long.) Friday night I didn’t  get home till midnight because of the traffic on I95 and the construction that made the interstate highway go down to one lane. It was bad. Saturday my husband and I had to load the car with the IKEA extra stuff we bought, like a bureau and other furniture. I know boring stuff. In my heels, I helped haul furniture because it has to get done. So when people ask ‘how do you have time to write’ my answer is probably the same ‘it has to get done.’ Hard work is the only way I know to push myself to the next level. So now I’m behind in my rewrite for Mything the Throne and I will try to get this book back to my publisher on the due date. I will let you know more details on that when it happens.

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