Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Planning

Lists are written and emailed, and lists are starting to be received. The Turkey is done and the last of the clan will be arriving soon. The plates are out and Turkey cooked. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Can you believe the stores open at 8 PM tonight in some cases? Crazy no? Black Friday no longer begins before dawn, but c’est la vie. Stores are hurting, and I’ll be filled with food.

Does anyone have something important to buy? I’d recommend Mything You, my novel under the name Greta Buckle. 

Can’t wait to see if i meet new people tomorrow from Carrie Ann’s Blog Hop http://carrieannbloghops.blogspot.com/ 

I’ve never done a blog hop, so consider me virginal. To see what it’s about, I’ll be checking out other writers as well.

Well dinner is done. Tomorrow I should, fingers crossed, have one of my two spiffy new covers out. It’s been a great writing year for me. And I love my family, who I get to see or talk today. Hope everyone here has an amazing day of thanks and know what they are grateful for. It’s corny but I wake up everyday, thanking my creator for another wonderful day. But today is a day to remember the birth of our country too, and how Native Americans had a heart, helping out the white people. Wearing a hand made pilgrim hat to my mom’s table. Hope everyone finds it fun!

Happy Blog Hop! Good Shopping. And Mything You received another good review. today. Woot, woot. Hugs all!

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