Happy Thanksgiving

On a personal note, I am so Thankful this year on the eve of one of my favorite holidays of the year. Getting together with my family for turkey might not sound fabulous to those not in America, but there is nothing greater than celebrating Gratitude and family. This is when I miss my Boston roots the most! Thanksgiving started in Plymouth, not far at all.

This year, I’ve released a book. On Thanksgiving I should receive a new cover for a story. Next week I’ll get the new updated cover of Mything You. Then I’ve seen the covers for two of my non released covers. One is my contemporary romance in February from Corvallis Press. Then I am almost done with my sequel to Mything You to send to my fee lance editor Brittiany Koren who I love! And she is helping me with another short story. I’ve always wanted to create a great science fiction novel for a space opera, but I need eight to ten characters. Creating this ship has been fun, and the next story is way more body snatchers. So not romance, but is at the same time. Next month I start on another contemporary and this has been so much fun owning up to being a creative person.

Basically I’m thankful learning who I am.

Sounding guilty but everyone in my life knows I love them, and I’ll repeat it to everyone. My friends, my family all deserve more than what they believe they do, half the time. But what I love about them is that no matter what else, we are all working out our own things.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this and virtual friendly hugs of gratitude. If you want to share what you are grateful for, it would be awesome to read.