Happy Tuesday everyone

So it’s Tuesday, the day before Veteran’s Day. At work: I must prepare for Thursday morning so I don’t forget everything like the student’s quiz and make sure grading is done. I know boring stuff, but I’m excited anyhow. Tomorrow there is no work. It means I can edit Mything The Throne all day long. I can wear my pajamas all day and not put on makeup. It’s going to be glorious. In the meantime, I’m so excited that Stormy Peril is holding strong on Kindle Scout. Fingers crossed, I get picked. Round two is hard to think about. It’s like ‘can I repeat myself?’ Luckily I have a million projects going on all at once, plus I have a family get together this weekend where I will actually see my brother and one sister. I haven’t seen them in months. We’ll be boring, play a board game at my parents and it’s going to be great to see everyone. So this is a great week nonetheless and remember I need the help. Please vote for me. https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/19MWTS7CDJODQ



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