While I am planning more House of Morgan and Princes of Avce series and a few rock stars are coming… but I like to free my mind and work on something new, different and fun. So sometimes I just make random covers or look for pictures for inspiration. This year I’m doing something different… I’m asking you… if I was to write a story in November that’s not related to my other series, I’m spending October making 31 covers. These are the first 7. Every seven days I’ll ask you to vote which one looks like the one you’d want to read the most.

And I will write a few chapters unedited, right here on the blog, and if you want something to happen after reading, let me know in the blog. But for now… which of the first seven mock covers (which are horrible as I’ve not hired anyone to make these for me), would you want to read or for me to write…

Please vote here… https://forms.gle/GNWHRhzh5iJJ96fR7