Hodor, the Three Eyed Raven (Bran), Benji, Arya and let’s talk about the rest of the Starks

Game of Thrones

I don’t know about you but I know every week I tune into Game of Thrones to see the fate of the Stark family.

Every Monday I have a play-by-play discussion with a friend over what we saw. I am absolutely a fan girl.

Last week I posted about Jon and Daenerys though this week’s episode makes me afraid she too is going to go after the Starks. If she does, I’ll stop sideline rooting for her. Her quest for the Iron Throne has been on the outskirts so far. I’ve enjoyed her until she says things like ‘cut every house down.’ This includes the Starks. I’m not about causing them anymore pain.

Let’s start with Hodor. I was so upset that Bran used him as he did. I started comparing Bran in my head to Rob and his mother. (Rob couldn’t keep his word and his mother abandoned her children.) Hodor was a normal kid, and then Bran went back in time and messed up his brain. Hodor knew his moment of death his entire life and yet still served the Starks. He was a faithful servant who deserved far more than he received. (Hodor means ‘hold the door’ in case anyone missed last week’s episode.)

The boy who can’t walk had his girlfriend carrying him to safety as he offed the man who could actually carry him in last week’s episode. The walkers catching up to a  crippled teenager and his girlfriend isn’t a hard sell. And the show once again spoiled the theory that Benji Stark was the one that came to Bran’s rescue. (In the books, Hodor is still with Bran when they meet Coldhands.) Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to see Benji is still around. Also as the tree people put dragon glass in his heart to save him, this means he ‘died’ too? If so he is no longer a man in black either. It seems the Stark family has the power to come back.

And I totally love the online idea that Bran Stark is the Lord of Light himself and that the chosen one is Jon Snow, his brother. The whispers in the fire being Bran… how cool is that!!!

Speaking of Jon, his sister Sansa is still an idiot. She sent Brienne to Riverrun because Baelish told her a secret. Now Brienne is going to run into Jamie Lannister again, but this time Jamie is on his mission to be strong for his family. Now my hope is that somehow she can spring Edmure Tully from the Frey’s. Edmure seemed unhappy and he was Rob’s friend. He’d help Sansa and Jon if sprung from prison, by the right person. If the Lannister’s end up freeing him from his imprisonment though, the Tully boy will be fiercely broken. (And GRRM has a thing for breaking people.) He might be of no use then.

Moving on to Arya Stark, I’m glad she’s no longer the girl with no name. In claiming needle, she claims her identity. The girl was weak, but Arya is not. The little nameless girl who wants Arya dead will now fight a someone. Now if we can get her back to her family… I’ll be happier for it.

So let’s talk about Ricken for a second. He’s innocent. I’m hoping Jon and Sansa free him. If he ‘dies’ momentarily though and Bran makes it back, then he too can be resurrected.

So these are my thoughts until next week’s episode.

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