I own up to loving the blank page

At my first RWA Nationals in Orlando after completing my first manuscript, people asked me “Are you a plotter or a pantser?” I had no idea what that meant. I went with plotter because I know what a plot to the story is. There has to be a logical flow to the story. A high, a dark moment, etc. That was my answer.

And with the program I use I totally get to break down my idea into chapters. I write a one sentence chapter plot. I totally have 30 sentences at the end.

But then my favorite part of writing begins. I stare at the blank page. No filter. No spell check. Nothing. Just that white screen. As long as I’ve fleshed out in my head what I want to paint, I’m good to go. Unleashed frenzied words fill the pages. I hit my word count. Hurrah.

Everything can be fixed, but when it’s time to write, it’s time to write. I love the white screen. It’s emptiness that can be filled with whatever I see.

Every writer is different. Other pantsers will write a scene for later then hop around. I can’t do that. It’s cheating, like when I skip to the back of the book. But I can dialogue/action tag my way through plot to that scene. It might take me a while to get there. Then I get to paint that scene. I can go back later to fill in the details.

I wish life would let me fill in the details later to get to the good parts faster sometimes. In memories we only look back at the highlights. Why doesn’t that work looking forward? To me it should, but then I guess one never knows what’s around the corner next.

Okay back to my frenzied story. I really just finished what I wanted to get to and need to go backwards now. Some of the moments to get there need ALOT of TLC on my end. Time to let the imagination take the reins again.