I planned a happy post instead I’m worried this evening

I came home from the cruise on Monday, not having slept much. I called my dad and instead of picking up my cat, he told me don’t worry and go home. Thinking nothing of it as my parents had cats all my life, I said okay. And I went home to sleep. Tuesday I was back to work and late practice with our show, where I win nothing but a crown. Mom didn’t go to work that day, and said she’ll bring my cat to me on Wednesday. I agreed.

Wednesday morning rolled around and mom was at my house at 5:45 AM. (She works ten minutes from my house, and it was perfect. She chose to go in at 6 to get out early before anything happened.) I feed my cat, pack my bags as I won’t be home till late. Night of the show. Usually I’ve rehearsed so much more than this year.

We end up winning first place, but I get home late. Upon getting home all happy, I noticed Anakin hadn’t eaten. I refilled the bowl, gave him his meds, and went to bed, exhausted.

Woke up today and the cat is lethargic. He’s not eaten at all. He had gone to the bathroom. I cleaned the bowls, restocked the canned food, and had to go. Coming home I immediately ran to his bowl. He’s not eating. And now he’s not walking right. He’s weak. I fed him his meds again and he threw them up. I forced fed the pills again, and rushed him to the vet.

Vet did blood work and will call in the morning. Upon returning home, I opened a can of fresh tuna and he’s not eating. He’s meowed at me while typing this, and he’s on watch tonight. I wish I knew what to do for Anakin. I’m feeling horrible and panicking. So no I’m not writing as I should be. Going to work tomorrow is going to make me so sad.

Returning from Valentine’s is getting good reviews. Two Weeks in Miami comes out soon, but tonight all I’m doing is stressing over the cat. I probably should have owned up to being a cat person a long time ago. I have one. He’s a good one who likes being petted. I hear all the horrible things that might possible be wrong and I’m sad. No I don’t have children or a husband. Anakin keeps me company well enough. Fingers crossed he’ll be fine. Can I pass the flu onto cats? I had a horrible flu three weeks ago?!? He curled up at my feet when I was sick. He’s making me sad tonight though. So if you read this, please wish Anakin Skywalker the cat good mojo.