Icy Peril

Hidden Raphael

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Sophie Mira needs to get away, and fast before her former boss and his goons find her and make her pay for what she’s done. With no viable options stateside, she sets out to visit her cousin at her small, secluded island estate, but her trip doesn’t go as smoothly as she planned. The man charged with driving her to the island dies suddenly, leaving Sophie to have to navigate rough seas and find her way to shelter. But what sounded like a good idea before she set sail, soon proves to be far more challenging than she would have ever imagined.

Michael Haniel is a brooding man with no time for distractions. On a mission to get revenge for the horrors of his past, the last thing he needs is to shelter a woman on the run from danger. But when Sophie lands at his doorstep in dire straits, he’s forced to make a snap decision. He does what he thinks is right, not yet fully grasping the impact she and the circumstances they find themselves in will have on their lives.

This modern-day Emily Bronte-esque contemporary gothic romance combines all the best-loved elements of suspense, romance, and heart-stopping danger. Have they found in each other the one thing they never knew they wanted or have they unknowingly invited more peril into their lives?