Victoria Pinder-12

I had to make a list of my characteristics and think about who I want to present myself to the world as. So I made a list of ABC adjectives that can describe me and said have at least 3. Then pick the best three for that letter. The harder part of rebranding is finding an image that represents all the words. The fun part is going to be the photo shoots! But for now I need help narrowing this list down. So if you can tell me what kind of author the letter that I used to describe myself as is most appealing. if you have another word that you think fits me, let me know that one too! Email me at which word group you think is the best for author Victoria Pinder

Amazing, adventurous and assured

Bold, brilliant and bohemian

Classic, confident and charming

Dangerous determined and daring

Elegant, Edgy and Electrifying

Fearless , Fun and Feminine

Glorious, gorgeous and grit

High Maintenance, hearty, and hot to handle

Intriguing, impressive and intelligent

Jewel, justified, and joyful

Kind, knowledgeable, and kudos

Luminous, lively and lioness

Magnetic, makeup and morale

Nice, naughty and nervy

Open, operative and opinionated

Plucky poise and poignant

Quick, questioning and queenly

Relentless, radiant and rebel

Sure, shattering and spirit

Tenacious, trustworthy and t

Uninvited, undefined and Unafraid

Vivacious, vibrant and sometimes villainous

Willful, witty, and wanting

Xelous, xtreme and xcellent

Yearning, yummy, and youthful

Zealous, zany and zesty