I’m signing at the Miami Book Fair in Two weeks

I’m so excited to share Winter Peril and Borrowing the Doctor with the Miami Book Fair crowd. It’s going to be awesome. If you live in Miami and want a signed copy of any of my novels, email me and I’ll be sure to have that one in stock for you. I have never signed at the international book faire so I’m totally thrilled to be there this year. I’m going with my friend and author of amazing Inspirational Romances, Kristin Wallace. So if you are a fan of hers, we’ll both be there for you. We can talk shop, novels and have a great time. I’m down to go get coffee with anyone around 11:30 in that cafe there, so let me know and we’ll make it a reader author moment over coffee.

And please don’t forget to go and vote for the Sequel, Stormy Peril. If I win, you get your copy for free. So please come see me in person and go to Kindle Scout and Vote. See everyone soon!

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Stormy Peril