In the shower I put conditioner on my legs and shaving cream in my hair

Yep, today is going to end up being one of those days where I make mistakes.  I do have a few essential trips to make today, like Publix. Otherwise today might be a day full of mistakes. Definitely don’t need to get into it with anyone and saw anything hurtful and I prefer not to burn the house down when I cook lunch later today. So I will be staying home with the computer and coming up with a story or a draft of a story. If you are family and calling me, I’m not focused on the call, don’t take offence. If you are a stranger reading this for fun, I retreat into my head and come up with a story when the world might be going wrong around me. Yes when it directly affects my life, then facing something head on with my Irish temper can be all fire and ashes. And I’d prefer that you know my sweet side. I got off track yakking away here. How do non-writers see the world when you do something ridiculously stupid like I did in the shower? If you never make these mistakes, I’m sort of jealous. I have a tendency to make a lot of errors, but laughing is good for the soul.

Did I mention my pretty new covers and that I’m getting one more new cover this week? The third in the Zoastra series will be out soon. Draft is with editor.

Zoastra series one

Zoastra Series #2

Third one is due soon AND the new Mything Cover will be finished this week!!! I’m so excited! So no need to let the little stuff get to me