Iran Questions Americans Ask me

So I will post soon pictures and everything else soon, but here is a teaser picture.IMG_2330Why did I post this? Well most of my pictures, my scarf is not this put together or stylish. I had no idea how to wear the scarf properly and it would often be messy. This is the biggest question people ask me… how did you wear a scarf. The truth is my scarf’s weren’t nearly so stylishly put together. I most of the time wore my scarf more like below…IMG_0153


I have been asked questions like did you wear a veil that covered my face? My answer is no, Iranians don’t wear the burka thing, that’s more Saudi Arabia (I think.)

This leads to the next question which as a history teacher I find interesting. There is a difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia? My answer is absolutely. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, but they are Sunni Muslim. Iranians are Shi’ite Muslim. Culturally Iran was ancient Persia so the whole Persian Empire thing is part of Iranian history. The picture just above is in ancient Persepolis. It was so interesting to see the city Alexander the Great sacked 2000 years ago and the history there.

Another questions I’ve been asked once I mention I went to the ancient places. ‘Who were their ancient gods?’ My answer is that they were monotheists confuses people so I now answer ‘they only had one god.’ This answer still confuses people and I’ve been asked ‘Do you mean the king was god?’ I shook my head no and said, no the king is the king. I don’t know much about Zoroastrianism, but the religion still exists and they believe in the same god the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims believe in… I think Christianity might have the whole heaven and hell concepts more from Zoroastrianism than Judaism… I’ve had people stare at my confused.

The last question people have asked me since being back was ‘how did they treat Americans?’ My answer is that I had a great time, no one bothered us, and at the tourist places there were tons of Germans and French people. The coke/pepsi separation of restaurants still exists and from life in the bazaar I can guess that buying and selling of goods is embedded in the business world.

Okay I will post more later.