Lois was fun for me to write because she was learning about herself and who she was and what she wanted out of life. All while married to a guy she at first thought he was a bad boy. She was going to call the police and inform them of whatever she saw. However as she gets to know Dylan she’s realizing he’s innocent and she was wrong about him.

Dylan’s wife Lois is confusing and interesting and the only woman whose ever said no to him. But the longer he gets to know her the more he likes her. So when she tells him that she’s been spying on him, he’s thrown for a loop.

This book was so much fun to write so I hope you enjoy that it’s now LIVE!

Irresistibly Rugged

Irresistibly Rugged

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Dylan Bentley’s what every man would like to be and what every woman would like to have between her sheets. Except Lois West. Definitely never, even if he was her temporary husband.

The moment Dylan had the all clear that his name was cleared of all charges, he embarks on his quest to catch the one man alive that knows more about who framed his entire family. Just three problems. One, he agrees to an arranged marriage. Two, his skittish new wife wants to help. And three, he may just be falling in love with her.

Lois West married Dylan to escape her multiple almost marches down the aisle where she bolted before saying ‘I do.’ With Dylan, she expected a man she could easily walk away from. Instead she married some fugitive super-spy who drags her into a cat-and-mouse chase around the globe.

However as the bullets and sparks fly, both of them need to decide if they can risk it all and trust each other or will the pressure is too hot to handle?