It’s a Wednesday and I’m home

I hope everyone is doing good out in the world. Cold winds have taken Miami and it’s only 68 degrees out. Now to my first home in the world, people in Boston, this is summer weather. Throw on shorts and a tee shirt¬†temperatures. But in Miami we call this cold winter weather. It’s freezing out there. If I do venture out I’ll be in my leather coat and layers. This might sound wimpy to the rest of the country, but I moved to New Orleans at age 18. Sure I went back north for a while, but I couldn’t take winter anymore. I moved to Miami.

Am I normal Miami person? No. I’m not transient. My family is here too. It’s hard to meet people in Miami as everyone will be gone in a year or two. It’s why I am so thankful all the time for the friends I have found. They rock, and yes, we’re all cold today.

Seriously I’m using cold ease today because I fear I caught a cold. If I did it needs to purge fast. I don’t have time to be sick, so let’s hope it’s not even going to happen.

What’s awesome about today is that I’m home writing. Hit my minimum and will keep going, after I catch up on a few more Game of Thrones season two episodes. Woot. Woot. I am liking the changes and the visuals the show has done with the book. But then my dad worked for Warner Brothers before I was born. Growing up, we talked all the time about how movies work.

Never watch a bank robbery movie with my dad. He’ll tell you within five minutes of the movie starting how the crime is going to happen and the stunts he’s betting will happen. He’s usually right.

Anyhow while being home, and writing, I’m also being creative in other ways. I’ve sent a book out on submission. Wish me luck. I’m writing and editing more. Plus I had fun making stuff on youtube to help me visualize my projects. They are all posted around here. I wish I had video with people moving to make rocking fun book commercials, but there is no budget for that one. Plus I’m not doing it unless someone knows a cheap stock video place. If so tell me!!!

Anyhow I hope the rest of the country is warmer than I am. It’s so cold here. Back to talking about how ‘Winter is Coming‘ now. Gearing up for the next season.

(Some evil tag wanted me to add in a basketball team. Heck no was my immediate answer. While I live in Miami, I’m still a Red Sox and Bruins fan first. I’ve never been a football or basketball fan like I am for Baseball and Hockey, but if someone asks, my favorites will still be the Patriots and the Celtics. Shout out to the 49ers though. My uncle played for them briefly so they fulfilled his dream… Oh and I have lots of uncles. Mom was one of eight. Dad is one of five. Mom had six brothers. Dad had three.)