It’s the little things that matter when it comes to love

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As a romance author, I’m always inventing the scenario for the big moments. When will the hero and heroine admit that they love each other? What’s the black moment that will drive both characters into admitting that love is all that truly matters? I love structuring a novel with these questions. Plotting is a lot of fun.

But as a married woman, who I’m not sure is still in her honeymoon phase or not, I now look at other details in my life that matter far more. My husband keeps the refrigerator stocked, including with my chocolate covered peanuts. (I do love those as a snack.) Saturday, I came home from work.

I promised him we’d so something on the computer together that needed my help. I was exhausted but happy to help.

Then as I was so tired, he vacuumed. I didn’t have to ask him. He was determined to do it as I sat on the couch with my feet up. Now being pregnant, let me mention how awesome it is. I have no idea how I became so lucky.

So while I still love writing and rewriting the journey of love in my novels, I now see how small details matter more. My father was always the one who did the laundry growing up. My mother cleaned. They were a team. As I write this and realize my own life where yes, we can talk about how I want to take dance classes together, what matters far more is functioning as a team.

To me this is the true definition of romance. The ability to depend and rely on each other. I highly recommend marriage to the right guy to all my single friends. Now where to find a husband is a whole other topic we can discuss later, though mine truly came to me through no planning.