Jon and Daenerys are my romantic ship (Theories discussed)

Game of Thrones
Last week I read this really silly article to me that goes against everything I believe about Game of Thrones. It was entitled “Why I think Game of Thrones will make Daenerys the villain, not the hero.” I rolled my eyes. Clearly the writer watches a different show then I do.

Now before I go explaining my romantic ship of Jon and Daenerys, I need to explain I did read the novels. Most of what my theories are based on conjecture.

Now in book one they make a huge deal out of Jon Snow looks more like a Stark than the older Stark legitimate children. We are also told Arya is most like her aunt, the one who died in the Tower. Sansa is like her mother. Rob is more like his mother. Bran is a mix. I have always believed that Jon Snow is not Ned’s bastard. He’s the legitimate son of Ned’s sister and the Mad King. (R+L=J theory has been my own theory all along.) This means that Jon is actually Jon Targaryen the rightful ruler of the Iron Throne. Ned lied to protect his sister’s baby from Robert Baratheon’s rebellion that would have killed his nephew. Robert wanted to kill all the Targaryen and spread the lie that Lyanna (Ned’s sister) was raped and killed by the mad king. Anyone who watches Arya on screen knows that no one puts her in a tower unless she wants to be there. If Lyanna was like Arya then she made her own choices and chose to marry the king who was ‘mad’ because he sang love songs about her.

Yet there are three dragons born. I also buy into the three headed dragon theory where there are three Targaryen’s out in the world. One is Daenerys. One is Jon. The third is IMO Tyrion Lannister, the political mastermind. Twyin told him that he wasn’t his son. In the books Tyrion has the same color hair as Daenerys, and he’s clearly the political mastermind of the seven kingdoms.

Also in the books they make a big deal that dragons can only mate with dragons and that if there is another dragon out there in the world then whoever hooks up with the Targaryen will die a horrible death. Both Jon and Daenerys suffered this fate as their first loves were killed. Also this fact about the Targaryen bloodline is how Cercei and Jamie justified their own incest.

So if Jon and Daenerys join forces and marry in the end then their journey’s are complete. When they meet, I am sure they will hate each other. But Jon is clearly the military leader. Tyrion is the political mastermind. Daenerys is the heart and the one who cares about causes. They are the three dragons. (This also means I think Sansa will end up with Tyrion which i know sounds strange.)

So this is my end game belief and mostly just conjecture.

And from the many, many pictures available to share from google in a fan girl theory moment then I’m not the only one who is hoping for this ending.