Keeping the romance alive


My husband and I had an amazing experience yesterday, we had our level two ultrasound. I’m not ready to talk about it yet. First I have to get my thoughts in order. Right now I’m just happy.

So today’s topic will be about keeping the romance alive. This is going to be important for me. I’m a romance author and yes I get the cynical ‘wait till you have children’ comments all the time. When I suggest ‘writing has to be a daily goal,’ I have had those sarcastic ‘wait till you have children’ comments. It’s that ongoing ‘clearly you don’t want to hear what I’m saying so I’ll just say this as you must not understand me’ response. This response also likes to imply that romance is harder once you have children.

So I think this is wrong. I’m making it a point to keep romance in my marriage. My dear husband is awesome. I appreciate him. I talked about appreciation before, so today’s reminder is to find time to spend together.

Last week my husband and I went shopping. It was out of our daily routine, but necessary shopping. And we had fun together because that’s the whole point. When I think about the times my parents were unhappy, it’s times when they weren’t spending much together. Mom and dad grew busy. They are still married so they circled back, but I think the lesson I saw was clear. If you spend time doing anything together, then you’ll both be happier.

So once the baby is born, I still need to find the time to spend a few hours with my husband. It’s an important goal. I hope everyone understands.

Talk to you soon! Probably about that ultrasound. I’m so excited.