Life and those curve balls


So the doctor told you something you don’t want to hear…

Your family has all decided to simply go insane and don’t care what you think….

Your work situation which used to be awesome is now a nightmare…

These things happen to all of us at all points in our lives. Life is one thing for sure… it’s never boring. Even the person navigating to stay in calm waters (not me) will eventually hit a hurricane. It’s the nature of everything.

Personally I love surprises. It’s why I write. It’s how I find out what happens to characters. In the reviews to Winter Peril when a reader says ‘I figured it out’ I have to say in my original draft I had NO IDEA what was happening until I wrote the page. Now in rewriting, it’s fun to layer. But my first drafts are always shocking to me.

Why? I can’t write with a plot outline that is so detailed. I don’t know about your life, but my life isn to that detailed. How can I expect to write a story where characters are not thrown loops.

I was there when the doctor told my mom she had brain cancer. (She doesn’t… horrible mistake, but still heart wrenching for weeks until we knew the truth.) I was there when the news didn’t turn out so good at the end for other family members.

And yes my family might be off and it’s not in the cute Christmas movie where someone knew comes in but at the end we all sit around the Christmas tree and sing about it…

Yet with all of this, I’m happy. Surprises are FUN.