Life gets you in the mud and you keep going


Now yesterday wasn’t in the mud exactly. I work up. I went to work. I went home as I forgot my wallet with my drivers license. Then I was late to a meeting. Following this I had to go to another stop at work to drop off money and meet with the treasurer down in Kendall. Then I had to drive all the way back to my job on the other end of the city to teach. By the time I arrived my face lost all its color. I was white as a ghost. At least I had twenty minutes to eat something. Yes it was one of those FUN days we all have.

I’m sure I’ll have countless more days where it’s like running in the mud. But there will also be amazing fun moments and in those moments life is on its high. What we can do in the meantime is smile and buckle down. We’re in a for a ride.

Last night I was so excited to receive my RITA books to judge. I have a collection of books waiting for me at home, and honestly I’m excited. It means someone else’s book can sweep me away into another reality for a few hours. I read one already as I need the fantasy of romance and happy-ever-after as much as anyone else.

I hope your day is awesome and that you can keep smiling no matter what happens.