Life is amazing and I’m lucky so I should feel it.





So I’ve been late in updating the blog lately. Life has come full circle, and I’m struggling to find the time to write. But I will succeed once I find that zen spot where I am comfortable in my new position. I have to figure out new ways to get to work everyday, but I’ve started to navigate the backroads already. I’m two thirds done with finding my way. There is just one part of the trafficked road that’s left for me to avoid. And I don’t know about you, but driving in traffic makes me negative and I don’t like having those thoughts in my head. It’s stupid to get upset over, but once I find the last part of the trip on the back roads to avoid the headache, I’ll be happier.

My complaints are in fact stupid. I’ve so much good in my life and need to focus on that, not the silly trivial stuff. Traffic and the hours of operation are my hurdles. The hours I’m coming to terms with as that’s just an adjustment of a schedule. So that’s getting better.

And the truth is that I’ve so much to be thankful for. Despite the pressures above, I finished more edits. I know how to fix two more stories now, and I’m working on it. In fact, I’m excited to do all this. The pressure of having two things to fix, not one, might also be what’s cooking my brain.

A good friend of mine whose starting her blog just signed a book contract. Sheena Snow is an amazing Young Adult Fantasy author. I’m not a fan of first person writing myself. I don’t like Frankenstein. I didn’t like Twilight. I have issues picturing everything in my head as a reader when it’s all about ‘me’ and internal angst. I prefer more action, but then the first books I read were comics. And my dad was home when school was over. (Mom and dad had different schedules. Mom came home at six after a full day of work that let out at five.) This also explains why my teenage hormones kicked in and secretly read romance novels.

Anyhow I will update more soon, when the life of the full time job becomes routine. When this happens and I know my day, the creature of habit in me kicks in and I get satisfaction back of a check that I did everything on the list. Hope everyone else is having an amazing time. I’ll be back.

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