Love and Romance novels are the best


My April Fools of yesterday must have been obvious, but I wanted to quickly clear the air. I love romance and love stories. I can’t imagine writing another genre. Two years ago I went to the mystery writers conference to hear James Patterson speak. James Patterson didn’t come and make his key note at Sleuthfest. He posted on Facebook that he took his children to Barnes and Noble that day instead of his speaking arrangement. Then I received in the mail a book with a letter of apology on why he didn’t come. I spent $300 to hear him speak as someone that prolific must be inspirational.

What I learned besides how I won’t read James Patterson anymore as he couldn’t show up was a second lesson. I’m happy I write romance. I am so not into living through fears and thinking about the worst thing. I love drama, drama, drama in a story, but sad endings or living in fear… nope, not for me.

Besides all that, I’m pregnant. I waited to marry the love of my life and now we’re going to be parents. The picture below was a few months ago when I was skinnier, but how we announced the pregnancy on Facebook.



I am not plotting a gender reveal pic. Life is too short and to full of wonders to not be excited about that instead. If I want reality, I’ll flip on the news or listen to people complaining. Right now though, I’m on a happiness high. And romance novels are all about the happy-ever-after. So I’ll stick to my chosen field, thank you.