Growing up, Irish I wear my claddaugh ring daily, though it’s on my right hand. No one in Miami has a clue, but it’s a constant reminder of my heritage. Growing up Boston Irish, it’s part of what made me and one should never forget who they are.

I write romance. I love ‘love.’ But I don’t know if I’ve ever been lucky in love, at least not yet. I’ve dated quite a few men in my life. From my viewpoint, professional men are so used to easy women and easy virtue, they do not grow up to see the value of having a good woman in their life. And any man who plays around, and doesn’t have room in his heart for a woman is not worth one single tear. Then the blue collar folks, the people I come from as my own family is full of workers and steady sort of people… I scare them away with my quick wit and intelligence.

Friends of mine are super lucky and I’m happy for them that they found their exception to worldview I see. They are good women and deserve every happiness. I’d like to one day find mine, but it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and this is about being lucky in love. I have faith. One day it will happen and then everything will be easier. Until then I get to write books about love, about falling in love, and I’m happy enough.

No go. Drink Guiness. The darker the better. We Irish people let everyone, including my All-American white mother, which really just makes me all American anyhow. Today we celebrate my father’s people.

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How do you win? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won in a contest? If you’ve never won, also let me know. I’ll send you some of my luck.

Coolest thing I ever won was a car in the mall sweepstakes, but I was ten and not eligible to win. So it was taken away. The second coolest thing I ever won was a trip to Ireland. Knocking on alot of wood, but faith has always kept me going.

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