Spring is about renewal. It’s about forgetting the past and forgiving yourself and letting the new season begin. Back in Catholic school, I like May Day as they let us outside for a few minutes and we were able to play in the newly blooming flowers (that is when they actually bloomed.)

So for the forgiveness I have to give myself. I submitted into Kindle Scout my not copyedited version of Queen Uncovered. The rules are clear that you cannot change once you submit. I noticed the moment I saw the mockup. At least the story edits were done on the one I submitted. This is my biggest mistakes far. If I do win for whatever the fates decide, then I know at the end the winner gets to submit an updated version. So fingers crossed.

For marketing this genre, I am hoping the spring brings me answers. Even if I don’t win, I do need to figure out an answer to this.

I’m sure I’ve made much bigger mistakes in life, but time generally helps me heal or probably helps me forget.

This Sunday my husband wants to go to the beach. EEK. As the pregnant lady, I’m trying to avoid the heat that he wants to go to. We shall try though. Perhaps he’s right and i should go outside. It might be good for me. And it will help me forget the silly mistake I made in not showing the best work I could have.

There should be a #Forgiveyourselfforrushing as a life rule. When I rush through things, that’s when I make mistakes.

Anyhow if you have time and would love to read a novel where King Arthur Legend meets Divergent then vote! As always thank you!