Memorial Day Weekend

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A three day weekend. Yeah. I worked super hard all week so to have that extra day off… woot, woot.

Why do we have the day off? We’re remembering those in the military who gave up their lives, like my grandfather who died in WW2 so I never met him.

Now that is not necessarily a happy thought but it is why through the nation people barbecue and celebrate being with our families. We might all look different but we’re all Americans and we have commonality. It’s the dream that people believed in enough to die for.

So I’ll take a moment to remember.

(Silence for a few seconds.)

Now let’s talk weekend plans. This weekend I’m meeting Kristin Wallace, Rossie Cortes and Sheena Snow where we will continue our podcast start. We’ve done a few episodes already but we want to have a few in the bag before we launch. So I’ll talk about that soon, but right now I look at the microphone that’s appeared in our friendship as the next step. I hope you all enjoy and learn.

Tomorrow is Birthing class part 2. Last Sunday was great. I went to work exhausted on Monday from the exercising, but it was GREAT.  I personally need to be told what might happen. From this I can still go with the flow, but with understanding a few of the many paths that might happen. I highly recommend the classes to any pregnant friends. The whole ‘they didn’t have that in my day’ or ‘you don’t need it’ might be great arguments but I’ve always been the understand and be relaxed type. I can’t imagine the stress of taking a physical exam without knowing what’s expected of me. So understanding the parameters is amazing.

Monday we start house hunting. We might not find a place for months but we need more room. We were not expecting this addition to our family and she will need her own room at some point in our lives.

Tuesday is another doctor’s appointment. Two weeks ago, the doctor once again made me feel AWFUL about my weight gain. He expected I would fail the glucose test I was taking that day. He gave me the diet and quotes on how it was good for my health. Anyone who wants to tell me that I should watch my weight or take that advice needs to watch what they say and keep their mouths shut. I gained twenty pounds EARLY in my pregnancy, like month four. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t eat out of control. It just happened. Now that I was 31 pounds at 7 months, I get lecture after lecture after lecture already. I passed the glucose test without an issue. I’ve always eaten under a 2000 calorie diet, even at 4 months when I gained the weight. If once again this is the point of the appointment, I’ll have to scramble to switch doctors.

So Tuesday might be NOT fun. It might be great. (I do love when I see my girl on the screen and hear her heart beat.) But right now I’m super grateful for this weekend where I will be with friends, other mothers and looking to change my life. All of this is possible because of the dream of freedom that people gave their lives for.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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