Merry Christmas, Les Miserables, and New Years

I hope today was full of love and gratitude.  I kept my mouth shut, said thanks, and encouraged others to be the same. What good is being any other way? It’s not like anything can be changed if we become miserable? So I’m so happy today was fun and exciting and I spent time with the family.

All this talk of misery… perhaps came because for Christmas I hoped and longed to see Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe‘s Les Miserables. The broadway show is one of my favorites, and hit home for me all my life. I remember being in high school and for English class being given tickets and told to go… for a grade. It was the first ever musical that took me to a whole new world and I never forgot. How could I not want to see the movie?

The music was quieter and if you are going to see for the music, then there is something missing. What’s awesome about the movie is the emotional level it brought. Dang. Ann Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, the girl who played Eponine, and the boy who played Marius all had great expressions. Amanda Seyfried is to me a good actress and knows how to sing…. so her getting the happy ever after… I get and no worries.

Today what struck me was again Eponine and how she loved that boy who didn’t love her back. The story always hit the spot with me, long before I ever had a boyfriend, back in high school. Love gone wrong is cruel. It made me wary long before I ever dated anyone. Might have been fear. So in the movies today, it all comes back. Dang. And life reminds me that it’s not as terrible as i feared. But would I take a bullet for a man who never loved me back? Either way that choice is what makes the character so tragic and fun.

However I am a firm believer that Cosette and Marius should end up happy. Her mother died for her to have a better life. Jean ValJean had a second chance at renewal when he adopted the girl. The sacrifices were not in vain when she gets butterflies around her head upon meeting her true love. I’m in and excited for the couple.

And again while the music was not full blasting of singers in a theater, the actors understand the movie screen and can bring the story to tears…. See it. Don’t expect Broadway. Expect Hollywood and let the Red and Black pull you in…

Last but not least, I better get started on my New Years List. I made a physical list of things last year to accomplish, put it on the fridge, and hit everything but one thing… It was a practical list and included how I would move up to my next level, and what I wanted. The five year plan still has work to do, but 2012 was a great year. 2013 is starting off great, and part of me believes its because of the list. So I better get moving on this! Hope y’all have an amazing holiday season.

December 27th is the audio release of Mything You. If you love audio, it’s your chance. And for Boxing Day the kindle edition is going on a one time sale. Hope you take advantage.

Happy New Year!!!