Merry Christmas to all

I have no funny videos of me singing or doing anything exciting. The truth is as a single person, I don’t even have a tree. If I want Christmas, which I do, the best I can do is head over to my parents house tomorrow. I never see the point of decorating the place when I could spend my time writing. It’s kind of what I do.

I read an article that some of the best writers in history all experienced tremendous amount of pain and sought refuge. I have parents who love me, but yeah, I get the needing to escape into the head. I do that often enough, but I digress.

Christmas is about giving and receiving. I finished wrapping the presents and put them under my parents tree yesterday. Whatever I get doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy. What is there to be sad about? Things I cannot control? No thanks. I’d rather share cookies with Santa and my dad.

Next week we’ll talk New Years and my opinion that we should write down our goals. It worked out for me.

Today is about wishing those I love good will. I’ll see some tomorrow. If I don’t, then I’m still thinking about you and hope you’re having a great day.

Can Les Miserables work as the Christmas family movie this year? It’s one of my favorite plays and despite the name, the play ends on a happier note. Plus the music is amazing. I’ve seen the play many times in life. So somehow I need to convince my father that the French poor are cooler than the Hobbit. It’s a mission.

Oh and to inspire myself, and others, I made a few youtube videos yesterday for my works in progress, out soon, and out already. Hope you enjoy them all. I spent years of my life making fan videos, and love the communities I belonged to as a fan. Doing everything legal for oneself means I have to use stills. If anyone knows where I can use or get cheaper stock video… I’m so in!

My Christmas gift to writers. If you find ten pictures or more for your book and want me to put a youtube trailer together for you, I’ll charge you $20. Pictures must be characters, setting, and any objects of importance in the story. And I will likely cut down your words to the bare bones, but I much prefer videos this way. Watch my own for the basic style I do. And if someone in South Florida needs a youtube video lesson, let me know. Limited Time Offer! I do get busy.